I grew up on a family farm back when the word organic wasn’t even popular.  That instilled in me a strong work ethic and an entrepreneurial spirit.  I studied Business Management in College and started my first company before graduation.  Ten years later, as a single Mom, I entered the Corporate World where I had fantastic opportunities working for Fortune 500 Companies as an Accountant, Financial Analyst, and Project Manager.  The money was great, but I was burned out on commuting, being gone 12 hours a day, feeling underutilized, underappreciated, and disconnected from corporate values.  Sound familiar?  

For years I had been researching holistic health options, paleo diets, organics, and experimenting with homemade beauty products and cleaners.  If you need a recipe for body butter, sunscreen, shampoo, laundry detergent, mosquito repellent, I’ve got it.  My pantry looks like an apothecary.  I considered opening a restaurant, or marketing a line of products.  In 2013, I launched Meaningful Organic -SIMPLE ways to feed an organic mind, body, and soul.

In 2014, I discovered dōTERRA essential oils and it was the perfect fit!  dōTERRA means gift of the earth.  And what is organic anyway?  Organic means it came from the earth!   Our bodies are organic.  The sun is organic.  The grass, water, sand, palm trees, pineapple…you see where I’m going with this?  Ya on vacation!    It feels good to connect with nature.  To get in tune with how God designed our bodies to work and what elements He put here on earth for our health and well being.  

Physical health is influenced by spiritual health. The Bible is the owner’s manual for your body. Proverbs 3:1-2  tells us, “In it are all the instructions you need to take care of yourself and live a long life”.  It’s not just what you eat that matters; it’s what eats you.  When you trust in God you have less stress. When we replace our worry with greater trust in God, we take a major step toward living a healthier life!  I’m a prayer warrior, a care mentor, a missionary and servant of God. I’ve been given a healing purpose and a mission to serve and impact others as a coach.

I’ve created the holistic lifestyle approach around these 3 pillars of importance in my life: physical, spiritual, and financial wellness. 

In this business you can have it all.  You don’t have to choose!         Have fun.  Laugh often.  God Bless.